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Explosive ordnance survey as part of the building permit process

Explosive ordnance and ordnance disposal are topics that most people do not encounter all that often in their everyday lives. And yet they are closer to the builders among us than they think. Regardless of whether you are building your dream home, a pool or a geothermal heating system - as soon as earth is moved, the question always arises as to what is hidden underneath. The use of geothermal energy in particular is being increasingly demanded and used these days. When installing a geothermal heating system, drilling deep into the ground is necessary. But this is often an exciting matter, especially in our country's metropolitan areas. No, "exciting" is not the right word. "Dangerous" sums it up. The unexploded bombs hidden in the ground, even decades after the end of the Second World War, still pose a considerable risk to life and limb whenever drilling or earth is moved.

Only a professional inspection of the construction area before construction begins can reliably eliminate any suspicion of explosive ordnance. This inspection is part of every permit planning process.

Did you know that as a building owner you are obliged to have an investigation carried out into the contamination of the construction area with munitions before construction begins?

Explosive ordnance survey
Explosive ordnance survey

This obligation arises from Section 4 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG). You are therefore responsible for the safety of the trades carrying out the work on your building site. Before construction work begins, any suspicion of explosive ordnance must be dispelled in order to protect everyone on the construction site. If this is the case, a proper explosive ordnance clearance and building permit will be issued. Only specially trained and approved specialist companies in accordance with Section 7 and experts in accordance with Section 20 of the Explosives Act (SprengG) are permitted to carry out this explosive ordnance search. We are one of these companies. With our highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide you with reliable and competent support for your construction project. Please contact us - we will then discuss the necessary steps in your case.

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