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Geophysics – the service portfolio of Nolte Geoservices GmbH

Geo Totalstation

Searching for clues with georadar. From the smallest crack, to a tendon in the wall, to an ancient wall - anything is possible. With many years of experience, we interpret the measurement data and make the hidden visible.

Borehole measurements
We offer you exploration with borehole radar or 3-axis magnetics in both vertical and horizontal boreholes. The depth or length of the borehole is only limited by the length of the measuring cable.

Multi-channel magnetics
Multi-channel magnetics achieves in a fraction of the time what a fireworker can do in a day when probing explosive ordnance by hand. The exploration with up to a dozen probes simultaneously is ideal for large areas in particular.

Total station
A total station is always useful where visual contact with the open sky is denied. We offer you the calibration and staking out of measuring points by competent personnel.

3D photogrammetry
Drones have been gaining in importance for years - also for us in geophysics, because modern drone technology enables the visual measurement of volumes and surfaces. We offer orthophotography and volume determination of larger objects.

Borehole geophysics – the service portfolio of NOVO Geolog GmbH

Bohrloch Novo Geolog

NOVO Geolog GmbH specializes in borehole geophysical measurements. These enable the determination of various physical, chemical and hydraulic parameters in the vicinity of the borehole. Depending on the type and scope of the measurement program, a wealth of geological, petrophysical and hydrogeological information on the layers penetrated can be derived from the data obtained in the borehole.  

The areas of application are:

  • Geothermal energy

  • Hydrogeology

  • Geotechnics

  • Water management / well construction

  • Raw material exploration


Our measuring equipment is modern and versatile. The measuring technology is designed for sounding depths of up to 1,000 m below ground level.

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