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The companies of the
Nolte Services Group

The service portfolio of the companies in our Group builds on each other.
For this reason, we are able to offer all services in all business areas “from a single source”. Fixed contact persons, clear responsibilities, well-coordinated teamwork and professional planning guarantee maximum efficiency – from the start of your project to its successful, on-time completion.

Detlef Jungfermann Kampfmittelräumung

Explosive ordnance clearance

In explosive ordnance clearance, we combine the latest surface sounding methods and/or civil engineering with sounding for the reliable detection of anomalies on a case-by-case basis. Whether screening large areas, exploratory drilling, investigating suspected bomb sites or accompanying excavation work - we have all the methods required to safely detect unexploded ordnance and explosive ordnance. In accordance with the legal requirements of the individual federal states, we can also directly recover and remove any explosive ordnance found.

We employ a large number of highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the testing and clearance of explosive ordnance at our nationwide clearance centers.


Whenever earth has to be moved, the same question arises: What is hidden underneath? The absence of explosive ordnance is an essential safety aspect for every construction site. Whether in conurbations or in rural areas contaminated by acts of war - even 70 years after the end of the Second World War, explosive ordnance contamination and the dangers it poses are omnipresent on German construction sites.

As a partner to building owners, companies and authorities, we offer our clients all the necessary detection methods for securing construction sites in accordance with the requirements of war munitions hazard prevention.

We use state-of-the-art measurement technology to detect contaminated sites hidden in the ground. After a successful surface or borehole survey, we either certify that the site is free of explosive ordnance or, if unexploded ordnance is found, we initiate the appropriate further steps.


Ammunition management

At our Bruchmühlbach-Miesau site, we test and inspect the technical condition of ammunition as part of our quality management – because ammunition also generally has a shelf life.

The ammunition is subjected to a non-destructive condition inspection by visual inspection and X-ray. Our experienced specialists then assess the results and, if necessary, initiate separation and delaboration.

When it comes to destroying old ammunition, we offer you a reliable, professional complete solution: inspection, testing, appraisal, collection, transportation and disposal - all from a single source. We recycle a maximum of the valuable materials contained and dispose of the remaining components in an environmentally friendly manner using state-of-the-art thermal processes.

In cooperation with our subsidiary ESSING Sprengtechnik GmbH, we handle the entire logistical process of the disposal procedure. We collect the ammunition to be destroyed from the site with certified special vehicles, transport it to the disposal company and, if necessary, store it in special, dedicated ammunition bunkers until disposal.


One of our core competencies is the proper and professional storage of ammunition.  We guarantee our clients physical security in storage in accordance with PSSM standards (Physical Security & Stockpile Management), i.e. we store the ammunition in such a way that damage to people and technology is averted.

Maintenance of military equipment

We offer worldwide service and maintenance services for small and large military equipment. Our services include the maintenance of wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as welding and painting work of all kinds.

Explosion rot

Explosives trade

Since its foundation in 1990, our subsidiary, ESSING Sprengtechnik GmbH, has developed steadily and is now one of the most important trading and logistics partners for explosives.


  • Europe-wide exclusive dealer for the black powder brands Złoty Stok and WANO

  • Owner of the Poudrerie d'Aubonne, the last black powder factory in Switzerland

  • Nationwide supplier for pyrotechnicians and specialist gun dealers

  • Partner to industry and the public sector

  • Partner to the oil industry

  • Experienced and competent disposal company for explosives in almost all dangerous goods classes

  • Safe and reliable logistics partner

  • Global sea freight partner

Explosives logistics

With more than 30 years of experience in explosives and ammunition logistics, ESSING Sprengtechnik GmbH guarantees the smooth handling of your explosives shipments by land. Our subsidiary, Imotrans Logistics GmbH in Hamburg, is also a small sea freight company that operates in the areas of Class 1 explosives transport, Class 1.4 pyrotechnics and tire logistics.

For the storage of your explosives, up to 13,500 tons (and rising) of class 1.1 to 1.4 explosives can be stored in bunkers and warehouses at various locations.

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