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Next level arrived - our new remote-controlled excavator is at the start

Updated: Apr 30

We already have quite a few excavators on our nationwide construction sites. But this one is something very special.

The Caterpillar 323 hydraulic excavator can be used unmanned because it is remote-controlled. This makes it the best tool for minimizing risk for our employees on particularly dangerous jobs.


The facts

  • Unmanned EOD system with Cat® remote control

  • Consists of Cat® 323 excavator, Cat® universal station, NLOS system

  • Line-of-sight operation up to 500m and more – protected from any threat

  • Robust, IP-certified components – military grade

  • Advanced WPA3 encryption – protected from any intrusion


By purchasing this system, we are not only protecting our staff, but also expanding our service portfolio. It is also a safe tool for the police, fire department and disaster control services in difficult situations. It could also be used in crisis situations in forest fire areas or chemical parks. In short: the Cat® 323 is a reliable companion in just about every conceivable tricky situation.

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