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Explosives logistics – The service portfolio of Essing Sprengtechnik GmbH


Explosives transportation and storage
With more than 30 years of experience in explosives and ammunition logistics and a highly competent team, we guarantee the smooth handling of your transports while maintaining the highest standards of safety and care.

Our fleet includes vehicles with a payload of up to 21 tons. All vehicles have EX/II or EX/III approval and drive throughout Germany and Europe

  • in road haulage (deliveries for seismic crews as well as wholesale and retail)

  • for defense technology customers

  • for manufacturers, wholesalers and commercial customers in the field of explosive substances

  • for the waste disposal industry.

In addition, up to 13,500 tons of NEM of classes 1.1 to 1.4 of the Explosives Act can be stored in bunkers and warehouse buildings at various locations – and the trend is rising. The employees at the storage locations and the trained drivers are all in possession of a certificate of competence in accordance with Section 20 of the Explosives Act.


Sea freight
The service portfolio of our Hamburg-based IMOTRANS Logistics GmbH includes part charters, full charters, the use of liner services and container logistics.

Customs clearance
Put the customs clearance of your import and export goods in safe hands. Contact us when it comes to the customs clearance of your goods, because our many years of expertise in operational customs clearance ensure fast processes in the supply chain. We have a direct connection to the ATLAS system and are certified customs declarants (AHV, Akademie Hamburger Verkehrswirtschaft).


Safety and security
Safety plays the all-important role in our day-to-day work. All our means of transport are maintained in accordance with regulations and comply with the guidelines prescribed for the transportation of hazardous goods. Our licensed employees have many years of experience in handling explosives and dangerous goods - regular further training is part of our company philosophy. If your hazardous goods have to make a stopover, you and your drivers are not on your own. On request, we can organize your security and provide you with armed security personnel.

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