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Donation handover to the German War Graves Commission

The Nolte Services Group supports honorable commitment

As a group of companies that works in and with the defense industry, we have many former soldiers among our employees, whom we value very highly. We very much hope that soldiers and veterans receive the honor and recognition they deserve in light of their service. We are very pleased with the progress that the veterans' associations in our country have been able to make in recent months.

But another group of people deserves our attention: the German war dead of the 20th century - because dignity must not end with death. For this reason, we want to support the German War Graves Commission with a donation. On behalf of the federal government, the association is dedicated to the task of searching for and recovering war dead abroad, burying them with dignity and tending their graves. It looks after relatives, advises public and private bodies on issues relating to war graves care, is involved in the culture of remembrance and promotes encounters and education of young people at the resting places of the dead. We believe this is an honorable task that deserves support and appreciation.

A few days ago, on behalf of our Nolte Services GmbH, Nolte Geoservices GmbH and our subsidiary Essing Sprengtechnik GmbH in Schwerin, we presented a donation check to Philipp Schinschke, the managing director of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania regional association. Sven Schröder (CEO Essing Sprengtechnik) and Andreas Karau (consultant of Nolte Services), both of whom were soldiers on foreign missions years ago, were both moved and impressed by Philipp Schinschke's stories. A few years ago, it was assumed that work would gradually cease in the early 2020s. But there are still graves and war dead that need to be recovered. Tens of thousands of inquiries about individuals continue to be received every year. This concerns the Second World War, but sometimes also the First World War. The individual fates of the fallen soldiers still move people today, and in many families the grandchildren's generation or the now older generation of children are now asking what happened to their grandfather or father. A never-ending task that the Schinschke Association is facing. We would like to thank you for this impressive meeting at the Old Cemetery in Schwerin and wish you much strength and success for the honorable task that needs to be completed.

Donation handover Schröder
Donation handover Schröder
Donation check
Donation check

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