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Explosive ordnance clearance planning – our service portfolio

Geo Luftbild

Explosive ordnance clearance planning
From conception to implementation and including documentation of the entire process - we provide you with all services relating to your project from a single source.

Our reliable project support includes

  • Analyzing the plausibility and completeness of the documents available for your construction project
    Planning and evaluating the technical preliminary investigation with test fields and random samples

  • Preparation of a risk analysis with regard to explosive ordnance and its chemical degradation products

  • Working out the cost impact factors for your project

  • Determining the most effective geophysical methods and clearance measures

  • Developing a detailed clearance concept with recommended health and safety measures

  • The creation of a meaningful bill of quantities for your tender

  • Our support in the tendering process

  • All work is carried out in accordance with the construction guidelines for explosive ordnance clearance and all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations in Germany.

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